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FFL aims to provide space and marketplace for anyone to upload their files for future preservation, and by adding correct metatags any file in the database can be easily found and accessed. What is a crowdsale campaign? ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which is an alternative token login method aimed at blockchain token login where crypto tokens are sold in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies. How will you use these funds?

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Funds will be used to develop, maintain and extend the Library, as well as on marketing activities and to cover the legal costs. What is the current technical state? After raising the funds, we will start to rework the platform.

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Why would I use the Files. To access useful content gathered by the community. To sell the content on your terms token login pricing using integrated blockchain payments.

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To earn tokens via useful work like sharing resources or sorting content. To store your private files based on a fair consumption model instead of a fixed monthly subscription fee.

What is the minimum funding you need?

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If we will raise more, it will help us grow and market faster. In that case, less money will be used for marketing and operational budget. Why do you need blockchain?

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To enable transparent, fast and cost effective payments system and micropayments. Token login support the direct payments via participants and crypto exchange. To store the meta information, like authorship of the files, file usage and payment ledger - Bob bought a file from Alice. Token login you explain the platform a bit more? FFL is a hybrid fog computing platform that uses web browsers as edge nodes.

The FFL network is a semi-decentralized network, made up of classic cloud storage servers, P2P super-nodes and end-user nodes, that users join via web browser, desktop client or mobile app to store files and share token login with other community members on the platform.

If you wish to know more details about how it works, you can read our technical whitepaper. Can I just upload my whole hard drive?

You can try if you want to, however, you will only receive the tokens if the community has token login the content as useful.

TokenConfigurationImpl Cause Login token fails to refresh either due to a misconception of how the token refresh works or if encapsulated token is enabled. Resolution Check if Encapsulated Token Support is enabled.

Will you have any guidelines for tagging or quality control? Of course.


Detailed guidelines will be released along with the beta release of Library. Will I have to pay for the files? The creators of labākās bināro opciju augšdaļa content will be allowed to set a price or choose to earn via ads. Only files that have been copyrighted and with price will have to be token login. The price of these files will be determined by the copyright holder. Public files will be available for everyone and users who upload them will receive FFM token login, token login can be later exchanged for copyrighted files.

So if you help FFL grow, you will be able to access paid files using the tokens you earned.

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Why hybrid-decentralized? We use hybrid-decentralized technology to ensure fast download and upload speeds and file remaining accessible even if the server goes down or there are no peers. To make file accessibility more convenient, FFL users will be able to watch videos straight from the website without downloading them, using hybrid-decentralized streaming technology.

P2P blockchain tokens are needed to enable direct payments between users and ease heavy-weight banking mechanisms and fees. How can you be sure that those who check the file quality token login do a good job?

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In order to determine the validity of the content usefulness, consensus must be reached between most of the evaluators. When it has been reached, both the evaluators in agreement and the file uploader if the uploads are useful will receive their tokens. Will you have a desktop client?

What about a mobile app? We will have a website, a desktop client token login a mobile app. Public files will be available for everyone, without the need to register or download anything. All files will be accessible from any of these platforms.

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What kind of files can be uploaded? You can upload almost any file type, however, the most common file types can be streamed opened straight from the browser, without the need to download. What does your token do?

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The FFM token can be gained by uploading files, adding metadata, sharing free drive space or doing other things that are beneficial to the Files. Users can spend their tokens by subscribing to pro features, buying private storage space or exchanging them for paid content, such as movies, videos, music or books.

Why are there are lot of your tokens locked? What technology will it be built on? We will implement private chain to enable speed and avoid transaction costs. Will token login have a bounty program?

Yes up to 50M of our tokens will be used for bounty campaigns, airdrops and marketing. When is the token sale? The precise date and time will be announced later, but it will happen in Token login What currencies are accepted? What is the minimum purchase during the crowdsale? This is a unique offering only for the crowdsale. What is the total token supply? The total token supply will be 10 billion, out of which 2 billion will be available for the initial crowdsale.

We will add more tokens to the system, as we will add more storage petabytes and users will upload more content along the way.

Currently, there are no restrictions. You need to have a valid user account and ID. You are getting to have utility token, which you can use for the cloud storage or Pro features.

Getting Started

What is the FFM token price? In the beginning FFM token price will be 0. Will there be a fixed amount of tokens? Yes, the token login token supply will be fixed. But there will be tokens minted for the useful work. Where is your company registered? We are registered in United Kingdom and Latvia. How will you solve the piracy token login Are you a for-profit or non-profit? Our company is for-profit. And the Library will contain both - free and paid content.

The income will be distributed to the authors, community and Files. Will the FFM token be a security? No, FFM token is a utility token backed by Files.

The possession of the Token will allow token login to access the special functionality, like pay-for-consumption storage model.

Who are you and why should I trust you? Can you manage the sudden influx of users? We have a long-standing experience of managing large data-flows and server loads.

And that is why we are token login hybrid-decentralized P2P web system to alleviate the load distribution. Do you have previous experience with all components needed for this project?

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Do you have any existing partnerships? For partnership requests send us an e-mail to library files. You have successfully subscribed to the news! Join now.